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Matty’s Catering Equipment – Introducing Shop Fitting!

Matty’s Catering Equipment offers commercial fit outs best suited around you, this includes Café Fit Outs, Restaurant Fit Outs, Commercial Catering Equipment and Kitchen Fit Outs, Stainless Steel Construction/Fabrication and Design work.

With an experienced team of professionals, we vow to create and turn your ideas into the perfect commercial kitchen.

To find out more information or want to get started on a project with Matty’s Catering Equipment, please call us on (02) 8710 1214 today!

Café Fit Outs

 Fish Shack (The) Vancouver, BC, Canada designed by BOX Interior Design #pallet: Back light under counter is cool:

Restaurant Fit Outs


Kitchen Fit Outs


Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication


Design Work


Welcome to Matty’s Catering Equipment Blog!


Welcome to our blog!

Our blog takes the time to highlight individual brands or products to help with understanding. Most brands of equipment can do what’s required but the question, for how long? It’s our responsibility as suppliers to give you a choice of only good quality brands.

Stay in tune to see what’s new to come in our blog !

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