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Catering Equipment Supplies Needed For A Catering Business

As many entrepreneurs know, quality equipment is just as important as the right motivation to succeed. Catering and hospitality companies must pay special attention to their equipment selection as the health and safety of customers and employees depend on it. They can buy both new and second hand commercial kitchen equipment. The following are the five most important devices needed to build a commercial kitchen.

Cooking utensils

This is the most basic and essential equipment in any commercial kitchen. Convection ovens and ovens can run on either gas or electricity, with some being dual-fuel. However, it is recommended that commercial kitchens be operated only with gas-fired ovens, as this appliance is used continuously, which can lead to extremely high bills. In addition, electric ovens tend to malfunction more often than gas appliances when they are heavily used.

Burners are often made of cast iron, with some ovens having up to ten burners. Cast iron is chosen because it prevents clogging of the burner and is highly resistant to heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. Cooking utensils are made of stainless steel due to their robustness. Some ovens are also covered with enamel.

Cooling systems

These include refrigerators, freezers and walk-in cold rooms. Commercial Freezers should have a temperature between -10  C and -20  C and have an electronically controlled thermostat. Ideally, they are stainless steel with an aluminum interior. Some are epoxy coated to prevent corrosion. Refrigerators are built with the same materials and should be equipped with polyurethane insulation.


Hygiene is a must on these devices, so commercial dishwashers are often made of high-quality stainless steel. In order to avoid bacterial growth, they must have self-draining wash pumps as well as a setting for automatic cleaning cycles. The best commercial dishwashers also have a thermostat function that automatically sets the rinse water to the most suitable temperature.

Tables and sink

Preparation tables must be made of stainless steel to ensure optimum cleanliness and hygiene. Ideally, they should have adjustable feet, so that their height can be adapted to different employees and thus prevents back and neck injuries. The same applies to kitchen sinks.

Ventilating equipment

Ensuring that a commercial kitchen is properly ventilated is mandatory for catering companies. The health and safety regulations impose very stringent air quality measurement systems, which may vary depending on the size of the kitchen, the intensity of use and the type of fuel used. An extractor hood and an extractor hood are therefore essential equipment for any commercial kitchen. These devices ensure that no hazardous pollutants accumulate in the area and gas leaks are easily detected to prevent fires and major damage. There are also legal requirements concerning the minimum and maximum humidity and temperature levels.

Canopy hoods are the appropriate ventilation systems. These must be designed so that easy access to the pipes and filters is possible. The material of choice of many restaurateurs is 304 stainless steel, as it is durable and easy to clean. There are of course many other types of catering equipment for many different purposes, and a little research will help you to find what you need.


How to open your own new restaurant

Starting a new business in not always easy. It requires patience, strategy and some cautious steps. Opening a new restaurant can be quite tricky, so one should really have some idea of the things he needs to take into account before taking this big step of starting his own business.

To start with, you should really decide the kind of restaurant you want to start up. Do you want to have a traditional cuisine with native dishes or do you prefer a more modern idea like serving a variety of foreign food? You should also, think about the list of customers you want your restaurant to attract. Consider if you want it to be family friendly or attract a more sophisticated group of clients.

The next step is to make a satisfactory strategic plan. This plan should include everything important you need to have in mind, like the budget, the marketing goals, the summary of expenses and any promoting startegies. After you have written down this plan, you should next start occupying yourself with more bureaucratic issues. You need to get a special licence from your state or county and register your business as a restaurant. You could always use the help of a business attorney on the papers you need to be sure that your business is fully legal.

After that, you need to have a thorough conversation with your estate agent so as to find the best location for your new business. You should consider purchasing or just renting the location and find the best spot that will provide accessibility, parking and a clear view of your building. Choose the ideal architect who will help you design the interior as you have imagined it and give it an attractive look that will captivate your customer’s eyes.

You should then start listing all the things that your new restaurant will need, starting with the essential catering equipment, machines, commercial deep fryers, commercial chest freezers and furniture. You should pay special attention to include every imaginable expense like the staff’s uniforms, the cash registers and the cooking utensils. Do not forget to search for the best sales offer in order to minimise your expenses as much as possible.

After you have successfully equiped your restaurant you need to focus on the menu you want to serve to your customers. Do a thorough research of the dishes provided by competitors in order to be able to serve something unique, something that will make your restaurant stand out among similar ones. Do not forget to choose a variety of different dishes so as to satisfy every possible customer, from a newborn child to a teenager to an old man or woman. Include vegetarian dishes and gluten free food for special customers.

When you have formed a general idea of the dishes on your mind, you obviously need to find the ideal staff for your restaurant. Search for well -known chefs, cooks with an experience in similar positions and appropriate waitresses for the image of your business. After that, start a promoting campaign. You need to make your restaurant knowledgable to the whole region. Empasize on the things that make your restaurant stand out among competitors, Use the help of an expert advertiser to highlight your business’s strong points and make sure that your restaurant becomes the hot spot of the region.

When you have completed the steps of the above plan you should not relax and stop making future plans. Running a successful business needs constant trying and everyday actions. You need to always be there and be ready to take the necessary steps in order to further improve your restaurant.

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